Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Help in identifing worth of hand sewn stitchery of Mount Fuji that was confiscated during WWII

Eileen received a gift of a cloth stitchery of Mount Fuji which was taken from a home in Japan. The confiscation happened in 1945 in Japan. An Army Major confiscated the drawing and brought it
back and gave it to his brother. It graced their walls for many years. Eileen took care of the man whom it was given to and he in turn gave it to her in his will. Eileen feels fortunate to have been his friend.
When she got it, she thought it had been a painting until she cleaned the original frame and found it was a stitchery art at its very best. It is all hand sewn and uses gold thread in places. She has a feeling it is very valuable and needs to know what insurance rates to keep it safe. The person who reframed it for her said it was very valuable. If anyone can help with identifying this piece of art or has any knowledge of how much it might be worth, please leave a comment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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