Monday, November 9, 2009

Antique Mystery Bottle

I have had this vintage bottle for about 23 years. I was with my mother-in-law in her back yard when i looked down and saw a bottle half buired in the ground. Something just made me dig it up, which was not in my nature to do back when i was a 19 year old kid. But anyway I dug it up being very careful not to break it. After a lot of directions from my mother-in-law about how to get it out of the ground with the least amount of damage it finally came out with no damage at all. It did not have a chip on it. I have had this bottle setting in my china cabinet that she bought me ever since that day only taken it out to show people and on a few occassions i have taken it to antique shopes to see if they might could tell me what it was use for or what came in this bottle. No one i have ever talked to has had any idea what it could of been used for.

The design on the bottle is what makes it so unique. It is shaped like a large skinny perfume bottle but it has elephant heads and the tusks and trunks running down the bottle. The design is baked into the bottle not painted. Most antique dealers say perfume would not of come in the bottle because of the design on the outside. It is a solid color of light blue all the way through the bottle and the top looks to maybe have had a screw top but if it did it was only one ring around to screw the top on. So i quess it having that type of screw top makes it not as old as i thought, but i could be wrong about the top. The bottle had no top when i dug it up and can only guess what type of top it had.
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Thanks for any help

If anyone could tell me what this bottle would of been used for or what could of come in this bottle would solve a 25 year old mystery. Please any help would greatly be appreciated. This is also posted in the Junkables fourm

Sunday, October 25, 2009 has a new Look

We have changed the look of We think the site is a lot easier to navigate and we have also added a dealers listing, so everyone can sell their items on Junkables. And the best part is it is absolutely FREE to list and sell your Antiques and vintage Collectibles with us. Your Anitques and Collectibles wont get lost in the millions of products like they do on eBay and eBay charges fees for listing and selling your Collectables. So stop by and check us out and feel free to leave your feedback on our chatter page. We can use all the good advice we can get, so if there is something you would like us to add or change let us know.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Vintage Dental Tools

If anyone can help me out on this antique item I would truly be appreciative. I believe it is a vintage dental tool sterilizer. I was told it was a device the dentist used to clean and sterilize their instruments. They would light the wick and let the cup get hot in order to sterilize their dental instruments. I am not sure if this is correct or not, so if anyone knows for sure I would like to hear from you. Thanks
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Treasure Hunt

The pictures above are the three boxes I brought home yesterday. As you can see these boxes have been stored for a long time without being moved, and have collected a lot of dust. Going through them is definitely a dirty job, but a fun one. It truly is like a treasure hunt each time we bring a load home, I can't wait to see what is inside each box. The lunchboxes were the exciting treasure we found this week, along with the china. I always made fun of my father-n-law for collecting anything and everything, but I am afraid I am falling into the trap as well. I can't wait to completely go through one box before I am opening up the other two to see what is inside.
You can't imagine the boxes in the warehouse, stacks and stacks of them. It feels like it will take a life time to go through them one at a time. I think what we have on the website is from around 30 boxes.
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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Favolina China Rosepath

The treasure for this week was an entire set of Favolina China - Rosepath pattern. There are 8 dinner plates, 7 saucers, 7 cups, 1 platter, creamer and sugar bowl, 8 bowls, 7 small bowls and a few other pieces. The china is in great shape, I think I saw one small chip on the back of one of the saucers. The bottom of the plates have Favolina China made in Poland and the number 3, Embassy China Royal Imports, and some of the pieces have the number two on them. I not sure what the number means.

If you would like to see more pictures or more infomation go to: and click on the products tab, then glassware, and the china will be on the 5th page.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Brass Bull Knocker

In the box with the jewelry we found an old brass door knocker (I think it is brass). It would make a beautiful addition to any door. If you are interested in the knocker just click on the link below and click on the products link and then on the clocks link (I know it is out of place) and it is on the bottom right of the first page. We hope to have new content on the site by Sunday night. I will take pictures through the whole process, from bring the boxes home to unpacking and repacking them. Until them have a wonderful Friday.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Costume Jewelry

We found a box of Costume Jewelry today and I have not had the time to go through the entire box. I will put a few pictures on now and when I get through the entire box I will add the rest. We have been going through several boxes at a time and things are starting to get out of hand. My basement now looks like a junk store. I need to take several boxes back to the warehouse before I go through any more. I will make that my goal for the weekend, repack all the boxes in my basement and take them back to the warehouse. I also have several pieces of costume jewelry from my mother's collection; I need to go through that box as well. We are going to really try to put all the Jewelry on the site

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fenton Glass Bowl

The treasure for this week was a small Fenton glass bowl, it stills has the Fenton sticker. In the same box with the Fenton glass bowl were several pieces of carnival glass. To see more pictures of the glassware go to We also uncovered a vintage dental chair. It was in the back of the old warehouse and as we moved all the boxes and large items out, we were able to take pictures of the chair. It took a forklift and two men to move it. The chair is in great condition just a little dirty. The hydraulic lift still works, we plugged it in and tested it. The dental chair and the old dental compressor would make great decorative pieces for a dental office. For additional information on these pieces just send an email to Thanks again for all the interest in our website and all the support as we get started. We really can't express how grateful we are to have such a great group of friends and customers.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Past the holidays

OK, we have made it past the holidays. I hope everyone had a great and enjoyable holiday, I know I did. We are back to work at and we are adding new stuff all the time, so check us out often. If you would like us to email you when we add new items just go to our home page and then click on the feedback page and put in your name and email address. We would be glad to email you updates. Next week we will be going through several new boxes from the warehouse, can't wait to see what treasures we find. I will post some of the new items we find on this blog, so stay tuned and enjoy. Thanks