Monday, May 30, 2011

Found Vintage Coins in Boxes

What a Find!!!  We found a fishing tackle box inside one of the boxes as we were going through a couple of the boxes this weekend. I set the fishing tackle box aside while we went through and took pictures of the vintage glassware that I was really excited about finding. We were just about to leave because it was getting so hot and I was wanting to spend the weekend with my family, when I remembered I had not looked through the vintage fishing tackle box and thought there might be some great vintage fishing lures in it. I was knocked over when I opened it and found what was inside, - Vintage Collectible Coins - Now i am not a coin collector, but I do know Indian head nickels, steel dimes, war nickels and a bunch of Silver dollars were in there. I will be going through the coins and adding them to Junkables  Antique Coins category. Here are some pictures I took of the tackle box with the vintage coins in it.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Could it get any more Junkable than this

Here are some pictures of one of the warehouses - you will understand why we named our website  This is years of collecting and storing - it will be very interesting when we get to the boxes in the back and on the bottom of the stacks. These boxes have not been opened in years and we do not even know what is in them until we open them. It is like a Treasure Hunt every time we go there to get antiques to list. I will be posting some of the vintage collectibles we uncover as we go through the boxes, so check back often to see if we find that one of a kind collectable.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Great Online Antique and Vintage Stores -

Great Online Antique Stores - is a online antique store  where members can list their antiques, vintage items and collectibles with no listing fees of any kind. They have everything from vintage furniture to antique lighting and much much more.
Vintage Furniture - Some great vintage Chairs from

                            Groovy Paul McCobb chair has bright fabric, super design!