Monday, November 9, 2009

Antique Mystery Bottle

I have had this vintage bottle for about 23 years. I was with my mother-in-law in her back yard when i looked down and saw a bottle half buired in the ground. Something just made me dig it up, which was not in my nature to do back when i was a 19 year old kid. But anyway I dug it up being very careful not to break it. After a lot of directions from my mother-in-law about how to get it out of the ground with the least amount of damage it finally came out with no damage at all. It did not have a chip on it. I have had this bottle setting in my china cabinet that she bought me ever since that day only taken it out to show people and on a few occassions i have taken it to antique shopes to see if they might could tell me what it was use for or what came in this bottle. No one i have ever talked to has had any idea what it could of been used for.

The design on the bottle is what makes it so unique. It is shaped like a large skinny perfume bottle but it has elephant heads and the tusks and trunks running down the bottle. The design is baked into the bottle not painted. Most antique dealers say perfume would not of come in the bottle because of the design on the outside. It is a solid color of light blue all the way through the bottle and the top looks to maybe have had a screw top but if it did it was only one ring around to screw the top on. So i quess it having that type of screw top makes it not as old as i thought, but i could be wrong about the top. The bottle had no top when i dug it up and can only guess what type of top it had.
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Thanks for any help

If anyone could tell me what this bottle would of been used for or what could of come in this bottle would solve a 25 year old mystery. Please any help would greatly be appreciated. This is also posted in the Junkables fourm

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starsunflowerstudio said...

Super neat bottle! I would wonder where it came from too.