Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Treasure Hunt

The pictures above are the three boxes I brought home yesterday. As you can see these boxes have been stored for a long time without being moved, and have collected a lot of dust. Going through them is definitely a dirty job, but a fun one. It truly is like a treasure hunt each time we bring a load home, I can't wait to see what is inside each box. The lunchboxes were the exciting treasure we found this week, along with the china. I always made fun of my father-n-law for collecting anything and everything, but I am afraid I am falling into the trap as well. I can't wait to completely go through one box before I am opening up the other two to see what is inside.
You can't imagine the boxes in the warehouse, stacks and stacks of them. It feels like it will take a life time to go through them one at a time. I think what we have on the website is from around 30 boxes.
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