Thursday, September 8, 2011

What to do with antiques that are beyond repair??

What do you do with antiques that are beyond repair; well you can make other things out of them.

Here are just a few ideas, if you have some ideas please post comment or email

1. Dressers that do not have a repairable top. You can glue pennies or any flat object that you have enough of to the top of the dresser and then give the dresser three coats of polyurethane. Another thing to do with dressers beyond repair is to put cloth on them. Just take the knobs off of the drawers and then glue padding on the fronts of the drawers and top of dresser, then staple a beautiful piece of cloth on the drawers and top of dresser, makes for a beautiful and unique piece. Replace knobs

2. Golf Clubs, Do you have a ton of old golf clubs that you do not know what to do with. You can make lamps from them. Use your imagination and come up a unique design and then just buy a lamp kit from Wal-Mart. You can also make tables from them.

3. Old metal cabinets make great bathroom pieces. If you have one that you cannot paint or distress, just get some nice wall paper and wall paper it to match your bathroom design.

4. Antique Stand ashtrays that have the ashtray itself missing makes great bases for bedside tables or you can also make great lamps from them.

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Andrew Campbell said...

There are indeed plenty of ways to recreate new things out of those that are beyond repair. For example with antique jewellery, you can disassemble the pieces to create new products that you have never imagined you could achieve. You would need to get your creative juices flowing for this one and you would be able to produce amazing results.