Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Content

I haven’t gotten any new boxes in about a week; I apologize for our lack of new content on the website. I am trying to get through the holidays before I get any more new boxes. We are moving everything into a new warehouse, and I think we are almost completely moved. This has given me a chance to really see all that my father-n-law has. It is more than anybody could believe. It will take us years to go through all the boxes he has.
There are around 200 golf clubs. I am not sure why he has some many golf clubs; I think he was collecting them at one point. I will get them on soon. We also have boxes of china, I am not sure if I should post them onto the website or not. I am afraid they will not be easy to ship because they are so fragile. I wish we could have gotten all the Christmas items onto the website before the first of December, but we will get them all on for next year. I also have to get started on all the dolls my mother-n-laws has. That was the original reason we started Her collection of dolls is impressive. I will get back to work right after the holidays and we will have new content every week. Thanks again for everyone who continues to be supportive while we get up and going.

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